Co-location services start at $100/month - Including rack space and a shared high bandwidth connection


We have a wide range of plans available for Dedicated Server solutions - Linux, Windows NT - Shared connection or Dedicated Connection


Fully supported Web Site Hosting Plans


We have a wide range of Mail Services Plans for any number of email addresses

Our Service Guarantee- If at anytime you a not satisfied with our services you can cancel your service an recieve a full refund for the current months service*.
Internic Domain Registration fees and One Time Service Set-up charges are non-refundable.

PLG Enterprises, Inc has operated as the PC Doctors since 1986, and was incorporated in 1993.  We are based in Westboro, MA . We have added additional service technicians,and have long standing affiliations with local hardware and software vendors.  We have also expanded our services to include mail order or e-net system sales and nation wide service through a third party service company.

We have done all this in order to provide the best value for our customers, and meet the demands of a very competitive market place,  In joining forces with local vendors PLG Enterprises, Inc can  present a seamless organization to our  combined customer base.  PLG Enterprises, Inc will do all of the service and the various local vendors will give us a means of quickly supplying our customers with equipment at very competitive prices.   This merger of services and billing brings together old friends that have been in the computer services business for over 33 years. 

We have access to over 150 years of  combined computer experience. Our new staff can deal with any problem that might occur.  Our new menu of services includes everything from a simple software install to complex World Wide Web designs.  We now have the ability to service our customers from start to finish. This means that we can stay with you from an opening quote all the way through custom software design, network and computer installation, setup, staff training and on-going on site maintenance.  Our technicians have extensive network, software and hardware experience. 

Separately, the businesses we are affiliated with have maintained the highest level of quality in both custom hardware construction and customer service.  Collectively, we have 100's of customers that can attest to the level of commitment that our service personnel bring to the job,  at very competitive prices.

Our goal is simply to keep our customers satisfied.

We have even built  and staffed our own Internet Serivce Provider (CMISP). CM ISP is especially designed to support our customers.  Imagine having an ISP that has been tailored for your use and understands the needs of small business.

We are committed to solving your computer/network/software problems, the depth of our experience in both hardware and software are at your disposal. We are first and foremost system consultants; our experience covers all aspects of the computer business.  In past lives we have been hardware engineers, software engineers, corporate managers, communication specialists, logistics managers, industry consultants and field engineers.  You would be hard pressed to find a more qualified group of professionals under one roof.

We are eager to help you!

You may also contact us at:

PLG Enterprises, Inc
14 South Street, Suite #7
Westboro, Massachusetts 01581

Phone: (508) 898-9057                               Fax: (508) 898-9058